About us

Our values

At Dog-A-Holic, we are on a mission to revolutionise the dog grooming industry and set a new standard of excellence. For far too long, the industry has lacked regulations and proper training, allowing anyone with clippers to claim to be a professional groomer. We believe it’s time to change that.

Our core values stem from two important principles. Firstly, we are dedicated to ensuring our beloved pets receive the best possible care and treatment. Secondly, we recognise the need for a comprehensive approach to grooming education, one that emphasises knowledge, skill, attention to detail, and business acumen.

We take immense pride in our track record of success, achieved through a combination of top-notch facilities, world-class instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, a comprehensive curriculum, and a commercially focused learning program.

Our goal is to transform our students into not just better groomers, but thriving professionals.

Our support

When you become a student at Dog-A-Holic, you become part of a community that values your aspirations and goals. We take your commitment seriously, knowing that you’ve chosen to pursue something beyond average, striving to be the best you can be and achieve commercial success. From the moment you step through our doors, you will be treated with respect and supported wholeheartedly.

To ensure your success, we have assembled an exceptional team of professionals to guide you throughout your journey. This includes renowned and accredited teachers and seasoned professionals. For those with additional learning needs, our dedicated learning support staff will go the extra mile to help you succeed.

Helping you succeed in becoming a
fully qualified Dog Groomer

At Dog-A-Holic, our purpose is clear: to ensure your success in becoming a fully qualified Dog Groomer. By investing in yourself, with hard work and training you can transform your career by doing something that you love, working with animals. We believe in you, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Dog Groomer Taster Session

Trial day allowing you to see if becoming a Dog Groomer is for you.

iPet level 3 award
Introduction to Dog Grooming

A Full course introducing you to the basics of becoming a Dog Groomer.

iPet level 3 certificate
Dog Grooming & Introduction to Styling

Learn to style and finish all breeds of dogs.

iPet level 3 diploma
Dog Grooming & Salon Management

Teaching you how to fully groom various breeds, canine first aid and the management side of running your own grooming business.

iPet level 3
FAST TRACK Dog Grooming & Salon Management

The full course condensed over a shorter period of time to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

iPET Level 3 Award
Canine Emergency First Aid

Learn how to treat injuries, dress wounds, allergic reactions, stings, poisoning, choking, seizures, CPR and hypothermia. Perfect for both Dog Groomers and owners.

A message from our owner, Amanda.

Dog-A-Holic is not just a training provider, but a place where you can experience live learning with real dogs and obtain a recognised qualification that opens doors to new possibilities.

Leading our team is Amanda, the head tutor at Dog-A-Holic Grooming Academy, who brings years of experience as a successful Dog Groomer and business owner.

Amanda’s passion for training stems from her desire to empower others and provide them with the opportunity to become qualified dog groomers.

I’m a licensed member of the British Dog Groomers Association, equipped with First Aid training, and hold City and Guilds Level 3 qualification, as well as iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management. At Dog-A-Holic, all our iPET Network qualifications are recognised and regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), ensuring the highest standards of education and certification in England.

Join us at Dog-A-Holic and embark on a journey that will unlock your potential, expand your horizons, and lead you to a fulfilling and prosperous career as a qualified Dog Groomer.